Links To Other Chess-related Websites

Updated December 19, 2012

The MHSCL's webmaster is not responsible for the contents of the websites listed below or the links to other webpages from these websites. Please email Larry King if any of the websites below has inappropriate material. Thanks.

USCL:   United States Chess League

USCF:  The official website of the United States Chess Federation. It has chess-related news, tournament information, and ratings.

FIDE:   The official website of the World Chess Federation.

The Right Move:   Brother John McManus' site. His organization sponsors scholastic events in the Greater Albany Area.

The Week In Chess:  Chess News around the world. Updated frequently.

Chess Cafe:   Chess News and puzzles. Updated daily

Chessvibes Website:   Online Chess-related news. Updated daily

Eastern New York Chess Association:  Website has information on chess events in the Eastern NY, Western MA, and Southern VT areas.

Vassar-Chadwick Chess Club:  Club meets every Monday night at Vassar College during the winter and at Marist College during the summer.

Chess-related Videos Page:  Chess-Related videos from other sites.

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